Patricia Ravitz, LMFT
Patricia Ravitz, MFT

Life is a journey,
and on your journey there
are times you need a map
and a guide to help you
find your way.

People come to therapy for many reasons; some to overcome challenges, some because they want to grow, some to work through family or relationship issues.

By making a commitment to your therapy you are creating a space and setting aside time for yourself; time to hear your own thoughts and to sort through your feelings. You will also learn to experience your emotions without being overwhelmed by them.

In therapy you will learn to trust again, but trust wisely. You will learn to separate impulse from intuition and make decisions that keep you safe and in balance.

Therapy is the process of opening, and of owning those parts of yourself you have locked away because they were too painful or overwhelming.

Therapy is a journey toward integration and wholeness. Along the way we will find the beauty and light that was locked deep inside you waiting to be expressed.